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  • ☆ ☆ ☆   By mg
    I am so disappointed how I was approached as I tried to walk by this area. I did end up buying the Soleil straightener. Was told I got 2 for one and that included 2 shampoos, 2 conditioners, 2 combs. I started to use the products and ends of my hair started to turn green. I called the number on the business card but it was out of service. I tried to connect with the website for Lionesse on the business card but they were of absolutely no help, telling me I had to call the number I received. The sales approach is vulture like. And absolutely no help afterwards. Very very disappointed.....after paying good $$.
  • ☆ ☆ ☆   By Jim Tyndall
    While waiting in line along with about ten other customers to pay for our purchases on Oct 18 about 1:30 PM we had to wait extra long because one of the two cashiers on at the time decided it was a good time to visit with a customer about her glasses. Between not having enough cashiers on and the total waste of time by an inconsiderate cashier, needless to say we were not impressed with the service.
  •   By Amina
    Stopped by the shop here in Montreal. Looking so desperately for a party dress. Something cute for a wedding that evening. FOUND IT, I could not believe the price it was practically a give away. Got a pair of beautiful Guess heels and matching handbag. The girls were so helpful and nice. This shop deserves much credit & applause. They even gave me a gift certificate for a glass of wine, treats at a wonderful bistro a few doors down from the shop. Signed up for their up coming Christmas event too. Enjoyed my shopping and my dress was a hit at the wedding. The shop is a little far but I will go out of my way to get there from now on. Thank you MTSC for everything.
  • ☆ ☆   By Nick
    tes infos ne sont pas bonne pour vous rejoindre !